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EMDR Consultation

I provide consultation to fulfill the requirements of EMDR Weekend 1 & 2 training,  for those seeking to become EMDR Certified Therapists or Approved Consultants, and for therapists who want to enhance their EMDR skills with case specific feedback.

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EMDR Canada Conference 2023

Resetting the Immune System

The Brain, the Body, and Trauma: Integration with EMDR Therapy
EMDR Canada 2023

The immune system and the nervous system work in similar ways and they can share information with each other. Both the nervous system and the immune system have memory networks.

I’ve seen amazing results with my protocol developed into a combination of these concepts:

  • AIP (Francine Shapiro)
  • The 7 Primary Emotional Systems Theory, (Jaak Panksepp)
  • Katie O’Shea and Sandra Paulson Where There Are No Words
  • The Textbook of Immunopsychiatry by Khandaker, G., Harrison N., Bullmore, E. and Dantzer.

Meet Your EMDRIA Consultation Requirements

I’m an EMDRIA Certified Therapist and Approved Consultant, HAP Facilitator, 2020 EMDRIA Conference Presenter, 2023 EMDR  Canada Conference presenter, and part of an international EMDR consulting group. I will guide you through the process of obtaining your ten hours of Basic Consultation and becoming certified through EMDRIA.

Individualized Case Consultation

I provide one-on-one consultation when you need assitance on challenging cases. My goal is to give you helpful, clear, and concise feedback directly related to your clients in a safe and nurturing learning environment. We will use shared videos, transcribed sessions, role play, and discussion.

Access My Vast Array of EMDR Knowledge

My EMDR training began in 2004, and I was immediately impressed by the results for myself and my clients. I will share my advanced knowledge from years of  trainings and ongoing consultation.

My primary specializations in practice are complex trauma, chronic illness and autoimmune disorders, psychosis, and dissociative disorders.

I’ve worked in residential placements, hospital crisis units, community health centers (office and in-home), child welfare, and private practice settings. I understand the unique challenges of providing EMDR therapy in home, office, and residential environments. 

  • Achieve mastery of all eight phases of the EMDR model
  • Enhance case conceptualization & treatment planning skills
  • Address special populations & advanced protocols appropriate to client population and level of training
Give me a call or send me an email if you would like more information about my consultation services. I look forward to helping you.

 Consultation Rates

Individual Consultation –

$150/hour (1 if request private session)

$100/hour (1-2 consultees)


$ 75/hour (3 + consultees)

Prepaid Packages-

$675/5 hours

$1350/10 hours 

$2550/20 hours




Individual and group consultation is provided online through a HIPPA compliant site.
For a complete criteria of EMDRIA’s requirements, please see the Certified Therapist or Approved Consultant criteria.